Chemtex is a global technology and project solution provider.  With strong process engineering and R&D competencies, we specialize in delivering technology oriented projects for the petrochemical, polymers, fibers, energy, bio-fuels, bio-chemicals, and environmental industries;

Chemtex was founded as Rayon Consultants in 1947.  In 2004, Chemtex was acquired by the Mossi Ghisolfi Group.  The Company today belongs to the M&G Chemicals Group of companies, which is also part of the Mossi Ghisolfi Group, and has operations in Wilmington, NC in the USA, Beijing and Shanghai in the People’s Republic of China and Bangalore in India.

With nearly 70 years’ experience in working together with clients and technology partners, Chemtex, as one of the world class integrated providers of technology, engineering, procurement, and construction management, has delivered over 200 successful project solutions worldwide.